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Posify Premier adapts to all types of business nature:

Franchise • Chain-store • Consignment • Reseller • Wholesales

Dedicated for growing enterprise

Quick-to-start and easy to deploy

Professional business consultancy service

No IT cost and No upgrading fee

Posify Premier focuses on streamlining operational flow, optimizing inventory management, and facilitating the multi-stores management process so as to drive your productivity and maximize your profits.

Posify helps you create online store and online ecommerce, online shop Hong Kong, hk eshop, online store

Effectively manage mixed business model

Posify Premier supports any business model – including franchise, chain-store, consignment, reseller and wholesales, which ensures your franchise retains control and access to critical business data while respecting the individual needs. You can easily assign different operational role for every location. Each of your franchise or entity can be function as an autonomous unit because staff in each location can perform specific operational process based on roles and permissions.

Posify helps you create online store and online ecommerce, online shop Hong Kong, hk eshop, online store

Maximize efficiency and visibility across multiple locations

Posify Premier gives you a full view of your entire business, as well as your individual franchise or location. With Posify Premier, you can easily access real-time data anytime and anywhere, including sales figures, inventory status and so on. Also, you can easily analyze and evaluate operational performance based on consolidated key performance indicators to effectively support your business decision.

Posify helps you create online store and online ecommerce, online shop Hong Kong, hk eshop, online store

Enhance productivity along the B2B quote-to-cash journey

In the B2B business world, order management could be a complicated process as some problems and changes with an order may occur from time to time, such as postpone or delay of invoicing, partial delivery, broken return etc. When you use spreadsheet to record these changes, it may easily cause miscalculation while manual data entry slow you down.

With Posify Premier, the B2B quote-to-cash process will be streamlined. You can personalize your own order handling flow for different business natures with varied pricing structure. Also, Posify Premier enables you to provide Hassle-free Online Ordering to enhance efficiency. Moreover, you can enjoy Smooth Purchase Order Fulfilment and more features .

By Posify Premier, you can handle order more effectively while ensuring accuracy and improving productivity.

Posify helps you create online store and online ecommerce, online shop Hong Kong, hk eshop, online store

Centralize the brand management of different franchise and entity

To protect the brand image, the franchisors/ owners needs to centralize the overall promotion strategy and member base across all their business. Posify Premier connects with Posify’s POS solution, inventory management, promotion module (ecoupon and evoucher), and CRM system . Therefore, every single entity can share the consistent brand image, consistent promotion strategies and share member base.

B2B Order Handling Flow

Buried in heavy workload with erroneous spreadsheets to handle B2B order?

From quoting to invoicing, Posify Premier here gives you the smoothest and accurate B2B order handling process.

Enterprise Orders

Seamlessly process orders across all sales outlet

Quick PO Builder

Get rid of spreadsheet, one button to generate PO, delivery note and invoice

Real-time inventory control

Make inventory in all stores and warehouses visible in real-time

Personalized and scalable B2B processing flow

Different enterprise may has its unique B2B processing flow, for example, some company must start with quotation instead of order while others need to send invoice before delivery.

Posify Premier provides high flexibility for these enterprises to fit for their business need. From asking for quotation to invoicing, the merchant can jump to any point of the quote-to-cash flow to craft their own B2B flow and generate corresponding documents anytime and anywhere.

Hassle-free B2B online ordering

Posify Premier enables brand owners to create online shop. They can set up varied accounts with different discount rate for their business clients (eg. Reseller). When the clients login in the online store, they can see different pricing and make order request with only one click. After sending request, the quotation or order list will be generated automatically in the brand owners’ backend.

Smooth Purchase Order Fulfilment

With Posify Premier, when the stock level in store is running low, the time-wasting calling or emailing to franchisor is no longer needed for franchisee. After franchisee clicking “Purchase Order” in Posify POS, the franchisor will receive the PO alert in the backend, which provides a lot of convenience for arranging delivery.

When the PO is confirmed, the order status in franchisee’s backend/POS will be intelligently changed to “Pending In”.

Intelligent stock alert to avoid inventory discrepancies

When franchisor receive the order,

If the stock level cannot meet the requirement, a warning message will be popped out, which suggests franchisor to generate a PO with a detailed list.

On the contrary, the stock will be hold once pressing “Confirm”, and the franchisee will receive a pending-in list with delivery timeframe in his backend/POS.

Smart order tracking to view the status

Each quotation/order will have a unique code along the transaction path. With this code, the merchant can easily revise the order status in no time while the stock level will be automatically synchronized. With the tap of a finger, you can quickly track its detailed status anytime and anywhere.

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