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    Posify O2O New Retail Cloud Platform
    “In the next decade, it will be the flourishing era of New Retail,
    which focuses on the integration of online, offline, logistics and data
    across a single value chain.” – Jack Ma

Are more and more of your customers making on-line purchases?

Do you have an integrated view of your on-line and off-line sales?

Are you spending a lot of time updating multiple Social Media platforms?

How do you give your customers a consistent experience, on-line and off-line?

Posify is here to help you!

5 robust features for you to gain high efficiency

Online Shop

Supporting All Platforms

Provide consistent user experience on web ( Chrome,Safari,Firefox), ipad and mobile devices (android and iOS).

POS, Point of Sales, POS

Provide easy and holistic eshop builder

Provide consistent and mobile friendly design for website, smartphone and tablets to give your customer a superior shopping experience

Posify provides 100+ variants’ combinations, which enables you to check inventory availability down to SKU so as to avoid the inventory discrepancies.

POS, Point of Sales, POS

Support Multi-outlet Operation

Provide consistent promotions in every store

Unify and optimize shopping experience online and offline

Arrange stock transfer from different branches with simple steps

POS, Point of Sales, POS

Make Cross-selling Easier Than Ever

Seamlessly integrate with on-line, off-line and CRM

Enable Instore staff access customers’ profile easily to check historical purchase records and better understand customers’ need

POS, Point of Sales, POS

Click and Pick
Buy Anywhere, Pick Up from Any Store

Integrate with online store, offline POS and inventory system to ensure real- time synchronized inventory level

Enable customer buy anywhere and pick up from any store

Posify, gives you the truly integrated O2O retail solution.

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