• Posify Retail Management Cloud Platform
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About Posify

Digital technology is reshaping the global business landscape. Grasping this digitalization trend, Ubeing Mobility Limited connects SME with insights, ideas and inspirations to help them win big in this fast-changing and data-driven generation. We provide:

• PosifyRetail - O2O New Retail Cloud Platform

• PosifyKitchen - Most Affordable F&B POS

On 31st March,2017. We feel honored that our O2O New Retail Cloud Platform – PosifyRetail won The Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICT Awards) 2017: Best Business Solution (e-Commerce) Silver and Outstanding SME Award, which has recognized Posify innovative technology on retail.

Our Vision

Building the future infrastructure, platform and software to enable value creation for the community.

Our Mission

To Customer: Use our innovative technology to connect people, organizations and resources in an interactive ecosystem in which amazing amounts of value can be created and exchanged.

To Employee: Inspire and unleash the potential of staff.

To Partner: Be a reliable business partner; enable possibilities.

Our Values

Posify Retail Management Cloud Platform

About PosifyRetail

PosifyRetail is a Cloud-based, cost effective, fully-integrated, and O2O New Retail Cloud Platform. With leveraging hybrid cloud technologies, PosifyRetail provides 7 major modules for SME to break online-to-offline barriers to grease the wheel of business:

  • Holistic ePOS - drive efficiency; drive productivity; drive profitability.
  • Intuitive eShop builder – Easy to edit without coding & fully integrate with offline inventory
  • Holistic Inventory Management - O2O inventory integration to get rid of discrepancies
  • Powerful CRM – Acquire and retain more valuable customers
  • Flexible Promotion Module – Easily set up promotion conditions to attract more customers
  • Encompassing Digital Marketing - Unlock unlimited business opportunities
  • Holistic reporting – Grasp key performance metrics at one glance


Posify can help you enhance operational efficiency and maximize your profit. With this holistic solution, you can definitely yield high cost-effectiveness to manage your retail business.

About PosifyKitchen

We provide fully-integrated and intelligent restaurant solution to help manage your restaurant operation efficiently, drive your staffs’ productivity, and connect with your customer effectively. Digitalizing the whole F&B management process, PosifyKitchen can definitely help you enhance your operation efficiency to earn more profits by the following 4 features:

  • Plug and Play – Easily set up within 5 minutes
  • High Scalability - Make your restaurant scalable and efficient
  • Insight Seeker – Provide holistic report and analysis to unlock infinite opportunities
  • Barrier-free Offline – Keep your restaurant run smoothly under unstable network